Meditation at Wat Khao Santi - Khao Takiab - Hua Hin - Thailand

Mindfulness, Concentration-, Vipassana (Insight)-, Loving Kindness Meditation



Many foreigners visiting Hua Hin are in­ter­est­ed in Buddhism and in med­i­ta­tion. In­for­ma­tion is wide­ly avail­able, yet the large amount of seem­ing­ly dif­fer­ing teach­ings of­fered by various Bud­dhist schools and mon­as­teries, the lan­guage barrier (most in­for­ma­tion is in Thai) and the fact, that it takes time and advice of ex­pe­ri­enced med­itators to ef­fec­tive­ly learn a prop­er med­itation tech­nique, leaves many of those in­ter­ested a little bit at loss.

The organizers of the pro­gram on offer have pre­vi­ous­ly spent some years at a Buddhist mon­as­tery in south­ern Thai­land, studying Bud­dhism, prac­tising med­i­ta­tion and shar­ing their knowledge and ex­pe­ri­ence with a large number of foreign students during the monthly med­ita­tion retreats. After moving to Hua Hin they now want to continue to share their ex­pe­ri­ences here.
Fortunately Venerable Tan Ajahn Dao­riu­ang, the abbot of Wat Khao Santi in Khao Takiab, offered the facilities of the mon­as­tery to sup­port this task.

The lecture series and practice ses­sions are, as the title of the program in­di­cates, de­signed for be­gin­ners, yet more expe­ri­enced practitioners will ap­pre­ciate the calm at­mos­phere of the mon­as­tery and the group sup­port; they are very wel­come as well.

During our "Regular courses" the abbot or a senior monk will be avail­able for a ques­tion and answer ses­sion at the end of each day. Their answers and talks will be trans­lated from Thai into Eng­lish. All other dis­cours­es and ex­pla­na­tions will be given in English.

As many beginners are not used to sit on the floor for ex­tend­ed pe­ri­ods of time and as walk­ing ac­tiv­ities form a vital part in many peoples life, we will prac­tise not only sit­ting med­i­ta­tion but walk­ing med­ita­tion as well. Walking meditation is a very powerful tool and the Hua Hin area is very inviting to put this way of mental de­vel­op­ment into practice during our daily activities.

We recommend but do not insist on sitting cross legged on the floor during talks or sitting meditation periods. We have a few chairs avail­able for those in need but suggest bring­ing your own cushions to sit on as the mon­as­tery does not stock these things - most Thais do not need them.

We intend to run the program in succession year round and may be able to offer a seven or ten day retreat in the future if people are in­ter­ested.

Traditionally the teach­ing of the Buddha (the Dhamma) is given free of charge. If you think the course had been helpful to you and you want help others to benefit in the future as well, you may offer some do­na­tion for nec­es­sary expenses and pre­serv­ing the lo­ca­tion at the end of the courses.

The ‘Meditation in Hua Hin’ – team will pause during the summer.
The next courses
Introduction to Buddhism and to Buddhist Meditation
will start in October 2017
The exact dates will be announced by mid September 2017.

Location of Wat Khao Santi
Thai Buddhism explained:
Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?
What is enlightenment?
What is merit?
Can women become monastics?
What is the purpose of spirit houses?
Detailed answers during our courses
or very briefly at:
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